Get to know us

Scott Worrall, engineer and inventor of patented Fat Hoops™ and other FatWear hardware, is a career-long drum parts manufacturer and life-long drummer.

Coming from a family of musicians, he constantly inherited drums sets that were vintage before vintage was cool. He soon found a knack for breaking down and fixing these drum sets, even creating his first hardware set at 14. 

Looking to find a way to create a wood-looking (as well as sounding) hoop, Scott looked for alternatives to actual wood hoops that would last without manufacturing it overseas. The answer was die-cast aluminum, which is 4 times stronger than the metal coming from overseas - and Fat Hoops was born. 

We are now at work on lines of stands, lugs, pedals and other hardware to last and perform as you tour, record, set-up and live your life as a drummer.

Fat Hoops is just the beginning!

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