[4] FatHoops - Vintage Maple Wood Grain - Resonate


Fat Hoops are THE drummer's choice for customizable aesthetic and unrelenting toughness. We start with our die-cast, aluminum hoops that perform with durability, deliver an unbelievably wood-like tone, and provide even-tension all the way around your drum. To seal the deal, our proprietary finish process allows you to choose a finish of your liking - anything from wood, to camouflage  - letting your drums do the talking.

 All resonate hoops do not include a notch for a microphone clip

  • Wood-like tone quality / Warm and solid cross-stick tone
  • Customizable finishes 
  • Premium build quality - 4X more metal than average triple-flange hoops
  • Even tensioning
  • Lightweight
  • Low Rim Profile - allows for more of the stick to strike the head for a fatter sound
  • Made in the USA